About Us

Deco Boco is Claudia De Sabe and Yutaro Warriorism, two London based tattooers and a couple. We founded this company with the intent to bring what inspire us about tattooing beyond the limitation of the skin itself and out into every day life. We wanted to make it easier for people like us to surround themselves with what might be “unusual” beauty for the general public, using Eastern and Western tattooing, folklore and art as sources of inspiration.

We believe it’s in these, that one can find very clear resonance not only with our ancestors and their traditions, but with the core of human experience itself. We aim to make Deco Boco a channel into all the different aspects of such glorious experience.

Deco Boco is a Japanese concept that means bumpy, not smooth with up and downs as suggested by the shape of its two kanji. It applies to opposites or contrasting adjacent elements. Like in the primordial duality, Deco is male and Boco is female, as the kanji design itself alludes to, and it’s the union of the two kanji that makes a square, therefore a circle. It’s the perfect union, total balance, universal love. We aim to bring some of that to the world through our artworks, sometimes calling at the Deco sometimes to the Boco, sometimes to the both of them, that reside in each of you.